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About Us

Hummingbird Children's Speech and Language Therapy Services is an independent provider of Speech and Language Therapy services for early years and primary school aged children. We are based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and provide school visits for schools in Bradford District.

Hummingbird SLT was established in 2022 in order to meet the need for additional Speech and Language Therapy provision working alongside NHS services.

We primarily work with children within mainstream primary schools. We provide a range of services, including assessment, diagnosis, therapy, and producing written reports/intervention programs. We also provide training for nursery staff, teachers, and learning support assistants as well as training for parents and carer groups working with children who have Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). We provide lecture-based training, as well as coaching sessions in which the therapist works alongside the teacher to apply strategies within real-life scenarios.

We are able to provide assessment and therapy for children with speech/language delay, learning disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). We can assess children with English as an additional language with the help of their home language interpreters.

All new referrals are assessed and we work closely with teachers and parents to set achievable targets. Children previously known to Speech and Language Therapy Services elsewhere will also receive and initial review assessment. Targets are reviewed and updated termly so that progress is continuously monitored. In order to support generalising of skills outside of the therapy room, activities are set as part of the therapy programme to be carried out by a trained member of school staff as well as parents and carers at home. Where possible, we liaise closely with our NHS colleagues to provide a seamless transition between NHS and independent services.

We are also aim to work closely with other professionals involved with the child as needed including educational psychology, paediatricians and CAHMs.  We advocate joined up working with everyone involved with the child to support the child’s overall development. We take a child centered approach to ensure every child received the support they need at the right time to be able to communicate and formulate lasting friendships to the best of their ability.

Hummingbird SLT provide a bespoke service for schools depending on their needs and priorities so please contact us to talk about the services we may be able to offer you.

Available Options

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are available directly with schools. The agreement provides you with

Speech and Language Therapy time is purchased on a per session basis throughout the duration of a Service Agreement. The minimum duration of a Service Agreement is one year. You could buy a session each week, fortnight, month, half term or term. Please contact us about your specific needs. 

Children must be referred through the SENCO at school. The SENCO will be kept up to date on who has been seen and on any onward steps or recommendations. Hummingbird SLT will maintain open dialogue with the SENCO and the child's parents throughout the term of the contract. We will meet for action planning meetings termly.

If a child is already known to a local NHS Speech and Language Therapist, they can continue to receive input form them and Hummingbird SLT will ensure liaison between the services. If a child has already received assessment and diagnosis from the local services, we will continue to work on targets set as appropriate or discuss working on different aspects of the child's needs.

Hummingbird SLT can offer schools one-off assessments and reports, e.g. for EHCP application or to go towards a referral to community paediatrics. This can be provided without a SLA in place. The one off charge covers one hour assessment time, liaison with school staff and a detailed report. Additional time may be required for liason with the family for some children. In some cases, an interpreter will be required for the session and/or the parent meeting. Additional cost for this will be discussed as needed. 

One day a week/ Once a fortnight

Monthly or one-off ad-hoc visits for assessment or review

Attendance at EHCP or Annual Review Meetings

One-off or ad-hoc visits for staff training

What we do 

Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy covers a wide variety of areas including early years, language delay and disorder, speech sound(pronounciation) difficulties, learning disability, complex needs etc. Hummingbird SLT can support your child if you have concerns about


Following a referral direct from the parent or from the child’s teacher (with parental consent, The Speech and Language Therapist will assess the child’s speech, language, and communication skills in one or more of the following ways:

Sometimes we will use the help of a professional interpreter if your child needs this.

Parents are welcome to attend the assessment sessions in school if they wish. Results of the assessment findings will be communicated to you on the phone or via a written report.

Setting Targets:

There are a lot of universal strategies that the class teacher can use to support children’s language and communication skills in class. Children however are different and have different communication needs. If a child has been diagnosed as having a Speech, Language or Communication Need (SLCN) they may require their intervention to be tailored to meet their individual needs. This means that your child's intervention is likely to be different to other children in the same class.


Children's communication needs will change and develop; therefore, we will need to re-assess skills at various times during the year. We will keep parents updated on the outcome of assessments by calling you and/or writing to you. When assessment or evaluation of previous goals has been completed, the Speech & Language Therapist will look at the results and set appropriate goals for your child - these will be written on an intervention plan and shared with parents, education staff and any other relevant professionals. The Speech & Language Therapist will also collaborate with children’s class teachers to incorporate these goals into their Learning Plan (LP).

If a child is to achieve success with their goals the Speech & Language Therapist, Class Teacher, Teaching Assistant and Parents must work together - one person or professional cannot achieve this by working alone.


The Speech & Language Therapist will support your child's communication needs by:

Although your child may not always receive direct intervention from the Speech and Language Therapist, we are always working to provide your child with the most appropriate support to meet their needs.

Episodes of care: 

The aim of the Speech and Language Therapy Service is to enable your child to achieve their communication potential. We work to an episode of care model. This means that children may be discharged from the service once they have reached their goal or if they need more time to continue working towards it. They may be re-referred further down the line if further support is needed. If discharge is to be considered, it will be discussed with parents, education staff and other relevant professionals involved.

Training and Auditing

We offer a range of training and coaching for nursery, preschool and primary school staff either 1:1 or as a whole school.

We can also run Twilight training & lNSET days related to language, literacy and social skills

Some school prefer ‘drop in’ sessions for TA’s and/or teachers to problem solve, discuss strategies and differentiation for children’s communication needs

Parent ‘drop in’ sessions can also be arranged to talk about supporting talk, vocabulary, speech sounds and sharing stories at home.

Training can be tailored to the setting's needs.

Please speak to us about your school's specific training needs.

Training available 

Hummingbird SLT can provide training to individuals (teachers, LSAs, 1:1s, Lunchtime Supervisors, parents), small groups and whole schools.

Accredited training packages include;

Specific training packages can be offered too for parents and carers if needed. Let us know if you have other specific training need we may be able to support you with.

Hummingbird SLT can carry out an audit of all areas of a schools speech, language and communication support from the staff knowledge to classroom environment as well as taking on board children’s and parents’ views. The audit can help schools to identify areas that require development and action plans can be put into place with specific, manageable school targets towards becoming a communication friendly environment.

Training can be provided with or without a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place.

Some planning time will be required dependent on training requested and this will be charged accordingly. The price will be stated upfront. 

Please CONTACT US to discuss your schools specific needs